Chef of Chef Works: Thomas Luu

Name: Thomas Luu Age: 38 Location: Friday Harbour Resort Your Restaurant/Business: Hospitality Resort Tell us a little bit about your kitchen: As we are still developing, there are several food venues that we are currently working on and designing. Our first restaurant, The Beach Club, is a three-meal period dining restaurant that offers local ingredients from our surroundingFIND OUT MORE |

Chef of Chef Works: Anna Gedalof

Chef Anna Gedalof Havergal College 1. Where do you hang your apron, so-to-speak? Havergal College. 2. How would you describe your kitchen? Havergal College is a prestigious private school for girls. Our kitchen serves nutritious and delicious food to the Havergal students and staff. We are a very busy kitchen and our team of sevenFIND OUT MORE |

Chef of Chef Works: Jae-Anthony

Chef Jae-Anthony 1. Where do you hang your apron, so to speak? Seasoned Dreams – A contemporary Caribbean restaurant and catering service located in the Sud-Ouest area of Montreal. 2. Tell us a little bit about your kitchen. Our kitchen is filled with positive vibes all around. We are blessed with so much opportunity andFIND OUT MORE |

Chef of Chef Works: Haan Palcu-Chang

Chef Haan Palcu-Chang 1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background? I got a history degree at Queens University and decided to start cooking after that. I started cooking at a Thai restaurant in Vancouver. From there, I spent two years in Copenhagen, working in Michelin-starred restaurants and then went on spend threeFIND OUT MORE |

Chef of Chef Works: Ivana Raca

Chef Ivana Raca Location: Ufficio Boemo 1. Tell us a little bit about your kitchen: Ufficio is a pescatarian vegetarian restaurant with an Italian flare. It’s more upscale than anything. We use local ingredients and also high end Italian ingredients. It’s a mix of simplicity and elevating it to the next level. 2. What wasFIND OUT MORE |